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Fast Wireless Internet
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Currently Serving:
Greenup, Toledo, Casey, Neoga, Teutopolis, Effingham

Wireless Internetworking is the fastest internet connection available in the area for consumers and small businesses. It is up to 10 times faster than current modem connections. It is a constant connection so your connection will be more than unlimited, it will be dedicated.  It can be on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one low price. Email can come in all day long.

Why is Cumberland Internet offering FAST Wireless Internet? You may be hearing about broadband solutions that will offer consumers faster connections to the Internet.  The most well known include cable modems and DSL (digital subscriber line).   When we first offered Internet connections in 1996, we offered speed of 33.6 kbps.  In 1997, when 56k technology was available we began offering it to our subscribers.   Unfortunately, it appears that the current dial up speeds are not going to improve through changes in modems or in telephone services.    There are faster telephone services available in other areas (Champaign, Effingham, Mattoon, etc) but we don't have those advanced phone services available in our area.   We decided that we needed another way to offer broadband connections for our users.   We are now offering FAST Wireless Internet that works great.

What is Wireless Internet? Cumberland Internet is bypassing the utilities to provide access. . We provide the access from high points in town through the air to the customer.

How quickly can I get setup? Since we are the only company you need to deal with to get this working, we can set you up in 10 working days. Bypassing the monopolies allows us to participate in a fast rate of change needed to provide new and special services, such as this.

Where does this work This is working right now in Casey, Effingham, Greenup, Neoga, Toledo and Teutopolis, Illinois.  We can also cover surrounding open and/or high areas near these towns.. If you are interested, we will provide a site-survey to see if this will work for you. We are using successfully in these towns right now.

24-hour access? This connection works around the clock. You don't have to dial, redial, or connect or shut off or hang up or anything. This is an excellent time saving convenience. There are no 'time' limits on how much you can use this in a month. You can stay on 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for one low price.

No dialing? Since we are bypassing the utilities, it does not tie up your phone line. This alone can save $30+/month if you had a second line installed for your modem. (which you won't need anymore).  Since you won't use your modem anymore, and correspondingly it doesn't use one of ours, so we won't keep track of your time usage.

How much? Monthly costs for this service start at $50/month + Set up fee.   This is for 1 computer to be connected to the Internet via the radio connection installed at your location.   Please contact us for pricing if you would like to hook up 2 or more  computers at one time. One-time costs for equipment set up and installation is $300.  We have made arrangements for financing with acceptable credit application. Payments would be $100 down and approximately $20/month for 10 months.  If you are interested, please contact us at 923-5115

If you have a large number of computers to connect up, please contact us for an estimate.

What hardware do I need? You will need a computer with one of the following operating systems: Windows 95 or newer, Macintosh 8.1 or higher, Linux/Unix.  You will also need a computer that has a slot available to install a network card (Ethernet).  

What hardware do you install?  The set up and installation price includes everything you need to connect. The radio unit, the antenna, an ethernet card, 25'ethernet cable, 50' LMR 400 antenna cable, necessary ends for the cable wire, 6' ground rod, 8' ground wire and 2 men for 3 hours installing all of the hardware listed including the ethernet card in your computer.    A second computer can be added at an additional fee- contact us for details.

How reliable is this? This equipment is very reliable. Your connection won't be affected by broken poles, car crashes, floods, or utility workers. This wireless networking equipment was developed and used as a low power, high security, high frequency, military communications, and has been commercialized and tested further by Silicon Valley companies.

Is it safe? Things have come a long ways since the days of CB Radio. This is Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping 2.4 gigahertz signaling. It changes channels dozens of times a second in a secret order. It is much safer than wire-based communications for security. We can inexpensively build a firewall computer for your business computers to increase your security from the rest of the internet. We can also build office internet servers for mail and other communications into the firewall computer as well.

Where can I try it? . We have been testing it at our Cumberland Internet, Inc offices located at 110 E. Cumberland in Greenup since March 1999.   We will gladly demonstrate it for you at our office. Give us a call at 217-923-5115 or write to suggestions@rr1.net expressing your interest to try this out.

Why isn't this more popular elsewhere else in the state/nation? We have to know the community: Who, What, Where, When, etc... to make this geographic network succeed. Most ISPs haven't been in business long enough, or don't have enough of a community localized focus to make it work. This is why we succeeded at bringing the Internet to the Cumberland/Clark County area in 1996. We are going to do it all over again, in a bigger, faster way.

How can I get wireless Internet service? How can I get more information or get a site survey? Call our office in Greenup at 217-923-5115.  Our hours are Mon-Fri 9-5 or you can email suggestions@rr1.net - Please let us know how you would like us to contact you (email or phone).

Cumberland Internet, Inc
P.O. Box 190 Greenup, IL 62428
Phone: 217-923-5115  Fax 217-923-3726 
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