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W32.NewApt.Worm Virus
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This ia a very real worm (not a virus) and it is quite a pain.   It has already mutated into a number of variations in just a few days.  If you think you are infected- Take Action! If you know someone who might be infected- Send them to this webpage!  If you aren't sure what to do, Call us for help!

What does it look like? If you have gotten a message that looks like this and have run the attachment or if you have just opened it in Outlook Express- it is very likely that you are infected.

Attached to the message will be one of the following file names: g-zilla.exe, cooler3.exe, cooler1.exe, copier.exe, video.exe, pirate.exe, goal1.exe, hog.exe, party.exe, saddam.exe, monica.exe, boss.exe, farter.exe, cheeseburst.exe, panther.exe, theobbq.exe, goal.exe, panthr.exe,baby.exe, bboy.exe, cupid2.exe, fborfw.exe, casper.exe, irnglant.exe, or gadget.exe or some other name that is another mutation.

What does the worm do? The worm utilizes Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange to mail itself out by replying to unread messages in your Inbox. It was also confirmed in Netscape-mail. The worm will also search the mapped drives and networked machines for Windows installations and copy itself to the Windows directory of the remote machine and modify the WIN.INI accordingly

What else can you tell me about the worm?
Read all about it at Network Associates (Includes Manual Fix!)
Good Explaination of the
worm and a manual solution

How do I know I have the worm? Go to the McAfee Virus Scan webpage and read the section on Indications of Infection..

What can I do to remove the worm?  Get a VIRUS PROTECTION PROGRAM!    This is getting to be basic necessary equipment for users who are online and reading e-mail with a number of attachments.   Your friends are not sending you things that will cause your computer a problem on purpose but many things are passed on unintentionally.  You can buy a virus protection program called Norton 2000 from Computer Partners (old Radio Shack) in Greenup, IL for $29.95.  If you buy the Norton 2000 Program after you install the software  you'll need to go to this page to  download the most recent patch - download and read the readme file for the instructions.   I recommend you have a virus protection program on your computer if you are going to be reading and sending e-mail attachments. McAfee- has a free 14 day trial of their software that will fix this worm- follow the steps for removing the worm on the webpage..

You can remove it by hand but this is NOT FOR NOVICE USERS!   If you don't follow the steps here exactly you can cause problems on your computer.   Read the McAfee Instructions to remove the virus by hand.  Again- this is not for the Novice user and we cannot walk you through how to do this over the phone due to the complexity of the steps.   Please purchase Norton 2000 or some other virus protection program if you want to be completely sure that you are protected.

How to avoid the problem in the future: If you are using Outlook Express for your e-mail program- please read this page and follow the security steps needed to make this program secure from this type of worm. You can also follow the 12/22/99 update at the end of this paragraph and download the software that will protect yoru e-mail program. Consider using Eudora E-mail- This alternate program is on your CD that you got when you signed up for service with Cumberland Internet.  You can follow the installation instructions and install Eudora and configure it (by picking the town and phone number again under Internet Configuration).   Updated 12/22/99:  You can download a free program that will check your Outlook Express program and keep it from receiving attachments that can cause problem.   Click Here to get the free download program.

Some Definitions:

Worm: A worm is a program which reproduces by copying itself over and over, system to system. Worms are self-contained and generally use networks to spread.

Virus:  A virus is an independent program which reproduces itself. It may attach to other programs; it may create copies of itself .. It may attach itself to any executable code, including but not limited to boot sectors and/or partition sectors of hard and/or floppy disks. It may damage, corrupt or destroy data, or degrade system performance.

Questions? E-mail suggestions@rr1.net or call technical support for assistance.


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