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Outlook Express
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       Guide to Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express for Internet Mail and News

12/22/00: If you are having trouble checking e-mail- check your settings here or call us for assistance! 

Note: If you have Microsoft Internet Mail, click Here for information on how to configure that software.

Outlook Express is an Internet mail and news client included with Internet Explorer 4.0. It shares much in common with its predeccessor, (Internet Mail and News), but it offers the additional capabilities of supporting more than one email account at a time, and message filtering. For general usage information, go to the bottom of this page.

To Checking Existing Account Information- Open up Outlook Express.

Click on 'Tools' (next to file, edit, etc at the top of the screen), then 'Accounts'. This will bring up the Internet Accounts window.

•Click on the 'Mail' tab.

•Select the mail profile from the box on the left (Cumberland Internet) so it turns blue or if you only have one account and it is already blue, then click on 'Properties'.

•In the 'General' tab, check that the Email address is correct (eg. of the format username@rr1.net). The box marked "Include this account when doing a full send and receive" should have a check-mark in it.

•In the 'Servers' tab, check that both the Incoming and Outgoing servers are mail.rr1.net (If you have numbers here, remove them and replace them with mail.rr1.net in place of the numbers)- under the "Incoming Mail" section, the radio-button above the user name and password boxes should be selected, and check that the correct username is used (should not include the '@rr1.net'). If you want Outlook Express to remember your email password, enter in the password in the box. (if you want it to forget your password, clear the box).  Be sure to hit apply at the bottom to make these changes stay.

•In the 'Connection' tab, the radio-button marked "Connect using my phone line" should be selected. In the 'Modem' section, select your Dial-up Networking profile for connecting to Cumberland Internet.

•In the 'Advanced' tab, you can set whether or not messages are kept on the server or deleted off the server after downloading to your computer. Mark the box labelled "Leave a copy of messages on server" as needed. Note: that if you leave a copy of messages on server, you will get the same mail every time you open your mail in addition to  new mail. I recommend that you NOT select 'leave copy of messages on server'.

Adding a New Account

•Go to 'Tools', then 'Accounts'. This will bring up the Internet Accounts window.

•Click the "Add" button on the right, and from the menu that appears, select "Mail". This will start the Setup Wizard. •Enter your name, then hit 'Next'.

•Enter the new email address (eg. username@rr1.net), then hit 'Next'.

•Select 'POP3' as the incoming mail server type. Set both server names to mail.rr1.net then hit 'Next'.

•Select the radio-button above the user name and password boxes, and enter in the new username (should not include the '@rr1.net'). If you want Outlook Express to remember this account's email password, enter the password in the box (otherwise, leave it blank). Click on 'Next'.

•Give a short name to identify this new account, for example, the username of the account. Then click on 'Next'.

•Select "Connect using my phone line", then on the next screen, select your profile for connecting to Cumberland Internet from the list.

•Click on 'Finish'.

General Usage Information

•When you compose a message and hit the "Send" button, the message will first be placed into the "Outbox". Outlook Express will then attempt to send the message, removing it from the Outbox and placing it into the "Sent Items" folder if successful. However, if it is unable to send the message, the message will stay in the Outbox. To force Outlook Express to try to send the message again, hit the "Send and Receive" button (or go to Tools-Send).

•You can create new folders by going to File-Folders-New Folder.

•To set up your view of your mailboxes, click on View-Layout.... I would suggest turning the "Outlook Bar" off, turning the "Folder List" on, and turning off the "Preview Pane".

•Outlook Express sends mail in HTML form by default. However, this may cause problems to those you send your mail to who do not also use Outlook Express (particularly if you are on a mailing list). To send mail in plain-text format, go to Tools-Options, select the "Send" tab, and select "Plain Text" as your Mail-Sending format. (NB: if you use Outlook Express for newsgroups, you should select "Plain Text" as your News-Sending format for similar reasons).

•When you hit the "Send" button when composing a message, the mail will be sent using the default email account. To send it using a different account, go to "File", "Send message using...", and choose the account to use from the list.

If you have more questions, try this site for lots of tips on how to use Outlook Express.


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