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Congratulations! You made it onto the Internet

Since you made it to this page, you have already gotten connected.   You also clicked on your first hyperlink.  A hyperlink is an Internet term for a word that you can click on and go to another page.    Want to give it another try?   Click Here to go back to the Home Page or the first page you saw on the Internet.  Be sure to click on same new users click here link that got you here in the first place to come back to this page.

Wow! Now you already know what a hyperlink is and how to go from page to page by clicking on them. 

First I will show you how to use your broswer software.  Then I will show you how to use e-mail. If you would like to skip the browser lesson and go right to e-mail click on the hyperlink that says e-mail If you have a question you want answered right away, check our the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ?) page.  Your question may already be answered there!  You can get to this link by following the FAQ? link at the top of this page.

How to use Browser software

You may be asking yourself,  what is a browser and why do I need to know how to use it? The software you are running right now to read this page is called a Browser because it lets you 'browse'  or look at Web Pages.  All of the pages on the Internet are created so that they can be viewed by browser software.  When they are created to be viewed on the Internet, they are called Web Pages.   They look like text pages and sometimes have pictures or music   

There are two main suppliers of browser software.   You are probably using Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser if you loaded in our software.  You can also use Netscape's Navigator Browser to look at Web Pages.  

O.K.- On to the Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Software lessson!

At the top of your screen, you will see a Toolbar like the one shown below:


The  first button from the left  on the Toolbar is labeled "Back". If you click on this button, You will go back to the page before the one you were on. Don't push it yet until you learn the next button.

The second button from the left on the Toolbar is labeled labeled "forward". This button does the opposite of the back button. Now that you know the pair, push the back button once and then wait for the new page to come upů.then push the forward button to come back to this page. Try it now!


The 'E' Logo in the very upper right hand corder of your tool bar will move when your browser is loading a page or receiving a page.  If a page is slower loading than you would like and you want to make a different selction, click on the STOP button.  You can then make a new selection.

If you hit the STOP button and then decide that you do want this page to load, you can click on the REFRESH button to have the page reloaded.

The next button is "Home". If you click on this button, you will always go back to the RR1.Net homepage. This way, no matter where you are on the Internet you can go to the homepage by clicking on this button.

The search button opens a page containing Internet Search Tools. When you want to find information on the Internet you can use a number of different tools to let you search.  You can also follow the link labeled Search on the Start Here line of text below the Cumberland Internet Banner (above).

The next button is labeled "Favorites". When you get to a web page that you really like and want to be able to access quickly, click on the favorites button and click on "add to favorites". Then when you want to go to any of your favorite pages click on favorites and slide down to the page you want to go to and click on it. You will then access this favorite page without having to remember the address or type it in

The next button  is labeled "Print". Go ahead and try this if your printer is hooked up to your computer. This will print out the current page that you are on. Anything that you can see on the Internet can be printed easily by clicking on this button.

The next button is labeled "Font". Go ahead and click on this button and see what it will do. It will change the font (print) size to larger or smaller type.

The next button  is labeled "Mail". Click on this to read mail and to send mail. For more information about mail follow link at the bottom of this page. 

The next button is labeled "Edit". If you click on this button, you will be able to see the code that is written in HTML (hypertext markup language) that creates the page you are on. This is handy if you want to make homepages and you want to see how things are created in HTML.

What happens if it does not work as described? The most common problem with Internet Explorer occurs when the web page you are trying to access is not talking to your computer. The message "Connect: Looking Up Host..." will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and remain there for a few moments, then an error message will pop up informing you that Internet Explorer can't find the host. If this happens, try accessing other sites from your Favorites list. If you can get to most of them, the problem is the one site you were trying to go to was not available.  . If you can't get to any of your Favorites sites, you might not be logged in to Cumberland Internet correctly.  The best thing to do is to log off, shut down your computer, restart your computer and and then try again.

Now you know how to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software.   If after you read this you want more information about Internet Explorer and how to use it, click Here to visit the Microsoft site that explains how to use the browser.     Here's a site to learn a lot more about the different browsers in a class format.   

OK, Just a quick note about how to protect your hardware.  We have been seeing several users having problems with power surges i.e. lighting coming across the phone lines. We recommend installing surge protection for both AC and the phone. Or, simply unplug your computer from the Ac and phone during storms. These occurrences are acts of God and is not particular to our internet service.

On to the next lesson, Click on the E-Mail hyperlink to go to the page to learn how to use E-Mail.

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