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Check out the Alternate Phone Line page for all the information.

1/09/03 10:00pm: The mail server is currently unavailable so you will not be able to send or receive email until it is brought back on-line.  We are working as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

10/15/02 (am - 10:30) - A piece of hardware that is only used by Neoga dial-up users appears to be failing and Cumberland Internet is in the process of swapping out a hot spare. Connection may be up and down until around 12:00 noon, but we are working as fast as we can to fix the problem. We will update as soon as we have more information. Update 10:30am - A faulty UPS (battery backup system) was causing the equipment power-cycle.  The problem has been resolved.

9/25/02 (1:40pm - 5:10pm) - A fiber line was cut in the Midwest Fiber Ring that broke our Mcleod T-1 connection between Effingham and Champaign. Neoga users would not have been able to dial up to the Internet during this time.

7/11/02 1:00am - 6:30am (Neoga Users) A  T-1 line between Effingham and Champaign has (again)had some problems overnight.  This would affect Neoga dial in users and wireless users. You would have been able to get up to 'verifying username' but not connect.  This time we had to reboot a piece of equipment that the T-1's plug into and the T-1 line came back up. We've not had to reboot this piece of equipment except when a phone circuit is somehow reset at the Central Office. If you look back at Network News to the dates 6/9/02 and 5/29/02 the same line was affected. We'll work with McLeod to try to determine the root cause of the problems on that line.

6/18/02 9:50am - 11:25 A McLeod fiber cut in Pawnee, IL caused problems with Internet connectivity. Subscribers dialing into the Greenup servers were able to connect, check email and browser web pages that reside on Cumberland Internet's local servers. Most subscribers dialing into the Sigel servers were able to connect and surf the web but were unable to check email or view the Cumberland Internet home page.

6/09/02 5:05pm - 6:50pm. An unspecified McLeod line problem caused Neoga dial-up accounts to be unable to log onto the Internet during this time period.

5/29/02 6:30am - 9:30am A point to point circuit was down between Effingham and Champaign and Neoga dial-up and Wireless were down for this period.  During this time period, you would have been able to dial up but not connect. The phone lines were working in Sigel, but traffic was not able to get out to authenticate until the McLeod circuit was back up.

3/27/02 Apx. 9:00am a World.com fiber line near St. Louis was cut and all traffic was routed to our alternate T1. At this point you could still surf the Internet but it might have been slower than normal. Apx. 10:00am our second T1 went down to a failure at McLeod's router.  At this point you could not surf the Internet at all. The second T1 came up at about 12:30 so you could now surf the Internet again but speed might have been affected by high traffic volume until the second T1 came back up.

03/14/02: Apx. 11:45 a McLeod switch in Champaign lost power and web sites were unavailable for about 45 minutes.

01/31/02: You can connect to the Internet but cannot go past the homepage. We are working with McLeod to fix a point to point data line that is down.   We'll update you as soon as we know something. 4:00 p.m. Update- McLeod has a major fiber optic line cut.   They are working on it but we don't have an estimated time to fix it. This fiber line is also affecting long distance services in Effingham, Charleston & Mattoon (including Lakeland College) as well as paging services.  If you try to call our technical support pager right now you'll get a 'fast busy' signal and the call won't go through. This is caused by the same McLeod fiber line that has been cut.  They are working to fix it but we don't have an estimated time when it will be fixed. 5:00 p.m. Update: McLeod estimates that repairs will be completed in about 2 hours, but there are no guarantees. Again see above note about paging tech support to test the lines. 7:30 Update: While repairing the fiber cut, McLeod discovered more line damage in another location.  The new estimated repair time is 8:30 p.m.  8:15 p.m. Update: Repairs are completed and Internet connectivity should be back to normal now.

10/15/01evening - 10/16/01morning: Cumberland Internet mail services were only partially functional yesterday evening through this morning.  During this time you could have experienced difficulty sending or receiving mail. All mail that had already been received on our servers for you would have been available for you but the server was not receiving new mail.  Anyone who tried to send you mail during this time would have received a email delivery failure message if their message wasn't accepted by our server, so they will know to resend your message.

9/15/01-9/17/01: We updated the homepage and inadvertently caused a problem when the page was viewed with a Netscape browser.  We fixed this error around 11:00 a.m. on 9/17/01. Sorry for any problems.  You would have still been able to get around the Internet with your Netscape browser and our homepage would come up when viewed with an Internet Explorer browser.

8/12/01 (apx. 10:00am - 4:00pm): Cumberland Internet mail services were down.  No incoming mail was lost, you were just unable to check your mail during this time.

6/24/01 (8:19 a.m.-10:46): You can connect to the Internet but cannot go past the homepage. We are working with McLeod to fix a point to point data line that is down. We'll update you as soon as we know something. (Update 10:24 a.m.) The problem with McLeod is same Network Switching Site that lost power on 1/26/01 (see below) has lost power again. McLeod has a generator as a power back up but it does not appear to be working. They are working to fix the problem. (Update 10:39 a.m.) Mcleod appears to have restored power to the facility that handles the bulk of our lines. (Update 10:56 a.m.) It's back down again.*sigh* (Update 12:53 p.m.) Power appears to have been restored in Champaign to the McLeod facility supporting our lines. This also restored service for Verizon cellular users, as well as anyone using McLeod circuits piped through this facility, including all McLeod voice lines in the Champaign area. Last notice we had said they were having problems with bad breakers on the electical supply to this facility. We await further notice as to the problems, and their resolution. Hopefully McLeod has this fixed, although this is the third time this type of outage has occured this year, a stunningly bad record for any telecom company. (Update 1:23 p.m.) Guess what? McLeod's facility is apparently AGAIN without power. Communications between McLeod and Verizon is probably highly similar to two scorpions in a bottle at this point. (Update 1:26 p.m.) Up. Again. Let's see if this one sticks. Cross your fingers. I'm sure that's what McLeod is doing about now. (Update 2:02 p.m.) McLeod is now saying that their CO has power, but it is only "temporary power" (i.e. they trucked in another generator), and they expect to have "permanent power" in place within 24 hours. Also, it seems that their battery pile seems to have been destroyed, meaning they have no backup power. So, if the new generator burps, everything is coming down again until they heat the generator back up. When they switch to their new powerplant, it's going to take everything down again, so look for that outage, probably not more than a couple of minutes, to move us to more stable power, and hence, more stable telecom services. Theoretically. Unless they need the batteries. When they replace the batteries, then they'll be really stable. Theoretically.

5/17/01: Cumberland Internet services were down between 8:46am and 10:19am due to a power outage in the Greenup area.  The power outage started around 7:50am, but we were able to run on our battery backup power until apx. 8:46am. Services were available again at apx. 10:19am.

5/17/01: The Toledo (849) dial-up numbers that some Neoga subscribers use are temporarily out of service.  Verizon changed their switches in Toledo Tuesday night and the call forwarding on the lines stopped working properly.  We contacted Verizon, but as of 7:30 this morning it is still not fixed.  844-5432 is the primary number for Neoga subscribers to use and it is unaffected by the Toledo Switch change. 5/18/01 Update - The  (849) dail-up numbers are available as of 11:26am.

3/19/01: Newsgroups are available again through Cumberland Internet. The news server address is still news.rr1.net.

3/2/01 (11:26 a.m) The McLeod line that we use to connect Neoga Dial Ups to the Internet is down. You'll be able to connect to us but will not be able to go anywhere online.  Update: 12:42 p.m.- McLeod has a Fiber Line that is cut between Effingham & Mattoon.   This is the cause of the problem and it is being worked on as we speak- I don't have an estimated repair time but will advise as we have more information.  Other Dial-Up  users are not affected by this problem. Update 1:56pm - The problem wasn't a result of a cut Fiber Line, but a cut of 600 pairs of copper wires one block south of the new Effingham High School.  They are actively repairing the lines, but we don't have an estimate on when repairs will be completed, since they have to splice all 600 wires. Update 7:02pm - The trunk line that McLeod has been working on for 7.5 hours is repaired. We had a commitment from them that it would be repaired by 4:00pm, which obviously was not met. We personally visited the repair site and saw great effort being made to fix the cable, but unfortunately the back hoe season has started early this year. Please email suggestions@rr1.net if you have questions or comments. See Photos of the repair

1/26/01: (10:00 a.m. -11:40 a.m.) McLeod's T1 network was down. There was a  fire in a power substation in Champaign, IL and McLeod's back up generator ran out of fuel and that was affecting their ability  to switch data lines. These are the point to point data lines that we use to  connect to the Internet. Our upstream providers were available, we just couldn't  get to them. This was also affecting long distance service when you tried to  call on your phone. You could go to local pages, but not outside.  Follow this link for more information about the power outage:  http://www.newsgazette.com/story.cfm?Number=8715

1/24/01: We wanted to let you know that a number of Microsoft's  sites are down (including Hotmail, MSN Site) today. There is nothing we can do about this but we wanted to let you know that this is Microsoft's problem and I am sure they are working fixing this promptly.

01/05/00: (9:57 a.m.- 12:05 p.m. ) McLeod had a fiber cut that apparently was  a very important line. The result was that every one of our data circuits that we pay them for was not working. Neoga users would not have been able to dial in, all other users could dial in but not go outside the rr1.net area. This is the same problem that caused Effingham to not be able to call long distance.

12/11/00: (7:35 p.m.- 8:40 p.m.) During the time noted you would have been able to dial in but not go to sites outside of Cumberland Internet. One of the advantages of being with Cumberland Internet as your service provider is that we are multi-homed which means that we have 2 completely different connections to the 'outside world'. This allows us to protect you from the inevitable errors and problems that can occur on networks everywhere. Apparently we are going to have to get three independent connections to eliminate down time. One network  was under performing to the point of being broken by definition at the exact same time as the other was making major modifications and accidentally changed our connectivity to Zero. You could say this was a simultaneous failure of both the proverbial belt and suspenders.

12/7/00: (Neoga Users Only): If you see the listing above, we have a new graph available for Neoga users who are calling the 844 number. Since we have switched users over to this number, we have gotten reports of a 'fast busy'  signal. This is happening because the number of circuits available to be open between the town of Neoga & the town of Sigel are a finite number. We have more capacity on our dial in modems than there are lines between the towns. We  have spoken with McLeod/ICTC and they have confirmed this problem and are adding  capacity between the 2 towns as we speak. The mean time, the 849 numbers will still be available past the December 11th cut off date to allow for you to call  either 849 or 844 numbers at peak times. We have capacity in both places and you  should be able to get through on the 849 numbers when the 844 number gives you a  fast busy signal. Please call us or e-mail us if you have questions. ( 1/9/01 Update): It appears that the added capcaity between Neoga and Sigel is in  place and the fast busy problem is solved. Please dial the 844 number to connect  to the Internet. We will be eliminating the 849 numbers shortly.

10/16/00 : (8:00 p.m. - 9:35 p.m) Our remote access software was not allowing  dial in users to connect. People already dialed on would have not seen any  problem but if you were trying to call during the time mentioned it would look like the connection got hung up at the verifying username and password step and  you would not have been able to connect. We have reset the software and will  monitor it closely.

9/11/00 : GTE has informed us that they have a bad line card in the Neoga  phone switch. This limits the number of total phone circuits available at any one time in Neoga, which causes Neoga GTE phone customers to have no dial tone, or fast busy signals when calling people if they do get a dial tone, and (surprise, surprise) reported busy signals when trying to dial Cumberland  Internet. GTE says they will be replacing the defective line card Wednesday  after midnight. Obviously there is nothing Cumberland Internet can do about this  problem other than wait until GTE actually has their phone network working  correctly(hard to establish an Internet connection if GTE can't even complete a  phone call). Hopefully GTE will get their equipment delivered on time, and  complete their repair early Wednesday morning, and everything will be back to normal. Hopefully.

9/6/00 (Morning): The analog lines in Greenup (33.6 lines) are down. In  addition, the entire block that we are on in Greenup is having problems with  their telephone lines. For example, you can't call our main telephone line 923-5115 but youCAN call our 3rd line 923-3726 or our 4th line 923-3515  if you need VOICE assistance or you want to reach us by telephone. Obviously, there is a problem with GTE's Central Telephone Office that affects more than our telephone service in Greenup and they are working on the solution  as we speak. None of this problem affects our 56k phone lines so if you don't  know your alternate phone number to connect, follow the link above and have a primary number and a back up number handy in case you have to use the alternate  line.

6/1/00 (1:00 a.m. - 8:10 a.m.): If you were already online you would not have  noticed any problem during this time period. If you tried to dial in on the 56k line you would not have gotten connected. If you dialed on the 33.6k lines you  would have gotten connected and everything worked correctly (be sure to know  your alternate phone number for just this type of situation). We had a T-1 (the  first one in the incoming dial up pool) that was reset and we, in turn, had to reset our remote access equipment for users to be able to connect.

5/25/00 (3:00 p.m. - 3:10 p.m.): Connection to Internet was down for about 10  minutes while we did some necessary cable rearranging.

5/16/00 (9:15 p.m. - 10:15 p.m.): The Mail Server decided to take an unscheduled 1 hour break. It is now back in action- sorry about any  inconvenience.

3/14/00 (4:30 p.m. - 6:20 p.m.): GTE was doing something to our T-1 lines  that caused our 5th & 6th T-1 circuits to not work properly. Only 96 users  were able to get on at that time. Other users dialing would have gotten nothing  when dialing the number (no modem noises). The T-1 circuits are working correctly as of 6:20 p.m.

3/8/00 (8:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.): One of our 2 T-1's that connect to the  Internet was having a phone circuit problem. You would have noticed the problem by having web pages come up slowly or for a brief time- no web pages coming up  outside rr1.net local pages.

2/15/00: Cumberland Internet has a waiting list for new subscribers. Questions, call 217-923-5115. Update 2/17/00: Our new lines have been installed and we are again taking new subscribers.

1/19/00 From 3 p.m. to around 3:30 p.m. - same problem as 1/18/00 - existing users dialed in would not have noticed anything, new users dialed in were prompted for username and password repeatedly. We rebooted (hard boot) the  remote access hardware, we believe this has fixed the problem.

1/18/2000: From 4:50 p.m.until 5:00 p.m. - You would have been prompted for  your username and password repeatedly. We reset the remote access hardware (soft  boot) and this fixed the problem. The problem repeated from 8:50 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. - We're working on the problem so it won't happen again.

1/15/200 3:30 p.m.- Our new dial in T-1 is installed and running, giving us a  total of 168 56k capable modems. As of 1/15 we are again signing up new  subscribers. (We started our waiting list 1/10/2000).

For Network News from 1997 - 1999, follow this link to Network News 97

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