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Cumberland Internet has made several message boards available for users of Cumberland Internet to post messages to each other.   

You will not be required to put in your username or password however you will only be able to post to this message board if you are dialing Cumberland Internet.

The message boards work like a news group. You can read the messages and post a response.   Please be considerate of what you post as there are a number of users of all different ages online locally.

RR1.Net General - Post here if you have things to buy or sell or general announcements
RR1.Net Technical- Post here if you have a question you want rr1.net users to answer or if you found a solution to a problem that others might want to know the solution.
RR1.Net Discussion- General discussion board for chat on any old subject at all.

Questions.... e-mail suggestions@rr1.net

Cumberland Internet, Inc
P.O. Box 190 Greenup, IL 62428
Phone: 217-923-5115  Fax 217-923-3726 
24 hour information line 217-923-3515
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