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What is Mailman?

Mailman is a feature that Cumberland Internet, Inc. has installed for you to be able to check your e-mail easier.  Mailman is a web-based e-mail program. That means that you will be able to check your e-mail from any computer (in the world) that has access to webpage. 

Before Mailman, you would have to change the e-mail program settings to check your mail using another person's computer.   Once you checked your mail, you would have to change the settings back for the original user.  It is a big pain.   Also, your mail would not be on that computer rather than on your computer.

When you use Mailman your e-mail will still be delivered to your computer when you use your regular e-mail program.   If you 'delete' a message when you are in Mailman, you will not receive that message.

Curious? Click Here to Try Mailman .

You can get to Mailman directly in the future by clicking on the link labeled Mailman in the Tools row at the top of this page.

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