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FTP Upload
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How to 'upload' a homepage.  Lots of this information is helpful if you are going to do a 'download' also. 

1. Download FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Program:  Before you can load up your page on to the rr1.net server, you need to have a program that will let you transfer files between your computer and ours.    The program we recommend is WS_FTP,  click here to go to a download site to get WS_FTP.  E-mail suggestions@rr1.net for the proper program if you have another operating system.. When you begin the download, you will select the location of the file download, place it on your desktop.   Once the program is downloaded, you will see the file on your desktop.   Click once with your right mouse button anywhere on your desktop that there isn't already something and a menu will pop up.  Select 'new' then 'folder'. A new folder will be created and is ready to be named, type in FTP as the name of the folder.  Now, right click (once) on your ws_ftple.exe file and choose 'cut' then right click (once) on the new folder you created and choose 'paste'.   You can now double click on the new folder and find the program you downloaded in there.   Double click on the ws_ftple.exe file and it will expand and install the program (This information is useful for all downloads)

2. Setup up FTP Program:  Make sure before you proceed that you have all webpage stuff you want to upload to our server in one file on your harddrive.  You should know the exact address of the folder that has the web pages stuff  (i.e., c:\windows\desktop\webpage).   Dial the Internet, Once connected, start  the FTP program (either from Start-Programs-Etc, or find the file and double click on WS_FTP.exe to start the program).

Click on new to set up a profile

Name it rr1.net

host is ftp.rr1.net

put in your username (without @rr1.net)

uncheck anonymous box

type in your Password

Click on STARTUP tab at top of screen

Leave the Initial  remote host directory BLANK. Don't put in the information as shown here.  JUST LEAVE THE INITIAL REMOTE HOST BLANK.

Fill in the Initial Local Directory with what ever the path is on your local hard drive to your webpage


Click on APPLY

If you have any problems logging in, make sure your user name and password are in lower case.  If you still have problems e-mail me at suggestions@rr1.net

5. Go to your file folder on YOUR computer:   Back in step #2, I said for you to know exactly what the directory is on YOUR computer's harddrive where you have your webpage stuff. You can either type it in on the LEFT hand side of the screen and hit enter or you can click on the double dots and go "UP" a directory level or click on a file and go "DOWN" a directory level.  Make the necessary changes on the LEFT hand side of the screen until you find your webpage files. 

6 Upload your files:   Now that you have YOUR computer files on the left hand side of the screen and you have YOUR directory on OUR server on the right hand side of the screen, pick files one by one by clicking once so they turn blue.  Click the ">" arrow key to copy the file from YOUR computer to OUR server.   Load up all the files you need to make your page (including gifs, wav, jpg files).   Make sure you main page is named index.html or index.htm.   When you are done uploading your files, close WS_FTP.

7. Look at your Creation:   To look at your creation, open your web browser (either Netscape or Internet Explorer) and in the address line (where you see http://www.rr1.net) change the address to http://www.rr1.net/users/yourusername/index.html (or index.htm as needed) and hit enter.  You should see your page.   Let me know if you have questions

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