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FAQ- Questions?
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FAQ? means Frequently Asked Questions

Have you looked at the New User pages?   There's lots of good information on how to use the browser and e-mail and things you should know.  Also, print out the Technical Support Page to know how to get help when you need it!

My Question or Problem wasn't listed here! Click Here to fill out a form and you can submit your question or e-mail suggestions@rr1.net or go to Web Help for Real help right now from real people!

How can I learn more about my computer?  Try taking a class online

Cumberland Internet Account Setup - Change your Time Package or Billing!

E-Mail Information

News Group Information

Internet Explorer 4.0 Information

Modem/Phone Connection Information

Network Information

Chat Information

General Browser Questions

Make Your Own Web page Information

Internet Answers found here! - Lots of Info!

Internet 101 Class

Learn The Internet- Site with 'classes'

Windows 95 Questions Answered- Lots of info!

Web Term Glossary - Find out what those weird terms mean!

Helpful Tutorials from Cumberland Internet, Inc.'s Spring 2001 Website Compass Magazine

E-Mail Information:

How do I check my E-mail? Go to the How to Use E-Mail Page

How can I check my E-mail without loading e-mail software? Click here for more information about using MAILMAN.

Where I can I read more about how my E-Mail program works? Click Here for tutorial information on how the e-mail program works.

I can't get my e-mail working! What do I do?  Click Here and make sure your e-mail settings are correct.

I get an error message that my outbox is damaged! What do I do? Click Here and print out steps to fix this problem.

I get an error message that my mailbox is unable to lock? I can't get mail! Click Here and fill out the form reporting that your mailbox is unable to lock, we'll fix it asap.

Why do I get delivery failure messages from postmaster@fridge.rr1.net? Click Here for explanations of the most common delivery failure messages.

When I hit Send & Receive, I get a message that it is retrieving X of X messages but I don't get my messages?  What should I do? Click Here to see how to fix it!

People have trouble when they hit 'reply to' for e-mail to me- What do I do?  Click Here and check the reply to field at the bottom of the e-mail set up page.

I have a Paper Clip on my E-mail and I don't know what it means? or I want to send or read an Attachment, how do I do it?  To learn about e-mail attachments click here.

I use Microsoft Exchange for E-mail, How do I get it working?  Click Here - NOTE: the 'regular' e-mail is NOT Exchange.

I use Outlook Express for E-mail, How do I get it working? Click Here  

I want another e-mail box but I don't want to have to pay money for it!   Try any of the following e-mail options (all survive on ad revenue).   AltaVista E-Mail HotMail Eudora Webmail Juno Yahoo!

What is Cumberland Internet's position on 'spamming'- Sending out e-mail that is unsolicited?   We have specific terms in our Acceptable Use Policy against spamming. If you want to reach a number of people, make a web page and promote it through search engines (see Webpage Information )

How can I get software for e-mailing that is easier to use? We recommend that if you are having problems or questions with your mail software, you might find Eudora easier to use. Also, many of you have used Eudora through work or school. Eudora is free to individual users and is available from the Internet to download. If you want to download this software click Here to go to the software download page for Eudora.   If you installed your Internet Software with a CD from us, you have Eudora on your CD.  If you install it from the CD, be sure to follow the instructions in the original book from Cumberland Internet to CONFIGURE it after you install it.   You can download either version (one is newer and much larger and one is older and much smaller). Click once on the version you want to begin downloading.  . Once this program is downloaded (remember where you downloaded it to!), you will need to located it on your computer (minimize your browser) and double click on it to unzip it. Walk through the instructions in setting up Eudora. Your username has no caps and your e-mail address is username@rr1.net (for example John Smith is jsmith@rr1.net). You may be asked for your Mail Server # or your STMP #- the number for rr1.net is (put the periods in where shown here).   The Eudora Tutorials Page is a great place to visit to get answers to the most common Eudora questions. This is also a great Eudora Site to learn more about how it works.You can also download the latest Eudora Manuals.

Cumberland Internet Server Information: You may need this information to set up your e-mail program if it is not Microsoft Internet Mail. Click Here for Cumberland Internet Server Information. 

News Group Information:

Newsgroups are a free and nonproprietary discussion forum, millions of people from all over the world talk about anything and everything: from celebrity gossip to the Olympics, from astronomy to zymurgy (brewing beer).  Click Here to learn more about it.

Internet Explorer 4.0 Information:

I am using Internet Explorer 4.0- How do I get rid of the 'Channel Bar' that is on the desktop of my computer? Click Here for answers.

How do I configure Outlook Express?  Click Here for information.

I installed IE 4.0 and my entire desktop looks different!  How do I get my old desktop back? Click Here for answers

I have more IE 4.0 Questions, where can I get answers? Click Here for a site with lots of IE 4.0 information.

What do you recommend if I don't want to install Internet Explorer 4.0? Click Here to learn about Netscape Communicator and how to download it and set it up. This is a good program.

Modem/Phone Connection Information:

Did you get a new Compaq recently? Does your computer freeze or have a problem when a call comes into your house when you are not online? Click HERE for the fix.

How can I get pages to load faster?  For Windows 95/98 users only, follow the steps on this page and use LZS Compression to get the web pages to load faster even though your modem connection is the same speed.

I am getting a busy signal at times when I try to connect- What can I do to avoid busy signals?    All users should read this page and know their alternate telephone number to connect to Cumberland Internet.  Every user can dial at least 2 different numbers to connect at any time. 

Sometimes when I try to connect, I am prompted for my username and password again and again and I cannot connect- Why is this? When you are trying to connect, we verify your username and password.  If either of these are incorrect, you will be prompted to 'correct' it to get online. The most common problem is that you typed the password in with your 'CAPS LOCK' activated on your keyboard.  Make sure your caps lock light is off before you type in the password.    Also, make sure your username is type in with lower case and that you DON'T have the @rr1.net on at the end of your username.

Sometimes my modem seems to hang up or disconnect from the Internet- What can I do to improve my connection?  First, if you have CALL WAITING, go to this page to learn how to disable it while you are on the Internet. There are several modems including IBM Mwave modems & Packard Bell Modems that have the sound card attached to the modem. These modems do not connect well to our 56k line.  Click Here to try an alternate phone number for you to call the Internet..  You can also check this page for an updated initialization sting for your modem.

I want to change the sound my modem makes when it is dialing - Either Off or On- Click Here for how to change modem sounds when dialing.

I am thinking of getting a 56k modem, what do I need to know? Check out our 56k modem page and feel free to e-mail suggestions@rr1.net if you have questions.  Also, be sure to read Network News about connection speed information from your dialing location.

I want to check all my settings or help someone else get connected to the Internet, what is all the information needed to get connected? Click HERE to get information on how to set up a computer to connect to the Internet.

How do I use my Call Waiting Switch? Instructions are available here

What is the Call Waiting Switch? Find out about the call waiting switch.

Network Information:

How can I tell if something is not working right if it is me or the Internet? We have a page called Network News, we update it whenever anything is going on with our network that would affect users.   Please feel free to check it and we will keep you informed.

Chat Information:

How can I chat on the Internet? Check out the chat page that outlines a number of the different ways you can chat. 


General Browser Questions:

How do I use the Browser? Check out this page to learn how it works!

How do I change the page that comes up at the start? Click Here to find out how to change the default homepage.

How can I print just the information I want from a home page and not the whole page? Use your mouse to highlight the text you want to print from a web page and click on the highlighted area with your right mouse button, a menu pops up, click on copy. Now minimize your browser software (click on the flat line in the upper right hand corner of your browser software), open your word processor or text editor and click on paste (usually in edit on your word processor). Now that information from the web is on your word processor. You can print it out, add to it and then print it out, save it to disk and not print it or whatever you wish.

I lost my bar that has BACK, FORWARD, HOME Etc. on it! How do I get it back? When your browser is open, click on VIEW and then select TOOLBAR. This should put a check mark by TOOLBAR and your icons should be back.

Make Your Own Webpage Information:

How can I learn to make my own homepage? There are software packages that let you make homepages without learning HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language) which is used in making homepages. Some examples of these include MS Publisher, MS Frontpage, Wordperfect (some versions), MS Word and others.   You can create a page without knowing about HTML.   There are books available on how to make webpages.  You can learn online about how to create pages with HTML.   Click Here to go to a page that is an online tutorial about how to make webpages.  Here's information about what a webpage is and how to create one.   When you are ready to build your webpage, you can use software that helps you make your webpage.  I'm often asked what software I recommend when creating a webpage. It is very hard to answer that question these days.  It depends on what you want to do with the site. To just make 1 page and nothing else, just about anything will do. If you want to build an online store, you'll need very specific software that can handle the important security requirements.  I'm not much help because there are so many choices. If you want to see what tools are available you can go to www.download.com and search for webpage creation software..

 How can I put my newly created home page on the Internet?   Go to the FTP Page.

How come I can't see my pictures when I am looking at my homepage on my computer before I upload it to the Internet? The way to see your pages on your computer before you load it up on the Internet is to gather all your stuff in one place (like a folder name webpage).  Put in it your html and your gifs/jpgs. When you make you picture link don't make it an address like c:\windows\adobe\pic.gif  instead just make it pic.gif as the file name and your browser will assume it is in the same folder (on our server where you will ultimately post it) as the other stuff it is reading.  So if you gather it all up and then open your browser and type c:\webpages\index.html and hit enter to see your main page it will grab links from the same folder.

How can I put a counter on my page?  Add the following html text at the point in your page where you want your counter:

<CENTER><FONT SIZE=+1>You are visitor number <IMG src=/scripts/counter.exe?-w5+yourusername.htm> since xx/xx/98<BR>

How can I get my own Domain Name?  Click Here to find out how.

How can I promote my Web Page? You can go to just about any search engine and submit your URL (Web Page Address also known as Universal Resource Locator) by hand.  Each site has a different form that must be filled out.  Or you could use an automated web page submission program that can submit your pages to many search engines by filling out your site information once.  Here is an example of such a site:

!Register-It! - Promote Your Web Site!
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