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Here are some great e-Tools that you can use for free.
suggestions@rr1.net to add your cool e-Tool to this listing.

Don't Miss that Call when you are on the Internet!
Here are some solutions other than getting a 2nd line if you don't want to miss phone calls while on the Internet.

Call Waiting Switch - Hardware that lets you get your phone calls when you are on the Internet. Hear when people are calling you while you are on the Internet.  Pick up the phone and you can talk for up to 8 seconds and still stay connected to the Internet or just continue talking and your Internet connection will be disconnected. It works with GTE phone lines in our area (Neoga, Toledo, Greenup, Casey, Westfield)

Internet Answering Machine - Once activated, callers can dial 1-877-RU ONNET and then they put in your telephone number and push #. It will tell the caller if you are online and you can leave a voice message that will be delivered within 2 minutes of hanging up.    A great way for parents to get through to the home number if the kids are online.  You can also get 'Busy Call Forwarding" feature on your phone activated and set up the phone number to call as the 1-877-RU-ONNET and callsers will automatically get your message that you are online and to leave a message.

Internet Pager - With Pagoo you sign up and get a special phone number.  When you are online, people can call that number and leave you a voice message.   You'll get that message delivered to your computer via the Pagoo software in a matter of minutes. You'll hear their voice and the message by hitting play.

Faxing Tools:

jfax.com -  Get your faxes in your e-mail.  This page shows you how it works.

Fax4Free - Send faxes for free in the US, Canada & Australia for Free, Get faxes too

eFax.com - Faxing via the Internet.


Other Useful Tools:

My Documents Online - A way to exchange your files through the Internet.   It gives you 20 megabytes of free storage space on the Web for virtually any type of document or file: text files, WAVs, spreadsheets, graphics files the works. It's perfect for business people, college students, iMac users, frequent travellers, or anyone who appreciates the idea of getting to your important stuff from virtually any PC in the world! Oh, did we mention that it's free?

Paypal - PayPal allows you to securely send money to any email user in the U.S. After signing up, you simply enter the recipient's email address and a dollar amount. The money is charged to your credit card, and sent to the recipient. The transaction takes seconds to complete.  There's no problem if the recipient is not yet a PayPal user. He or she simply registers at PayPal after receiving an email notification, and is immediately credited with the amount in the new account. You may use a credit card, bank account or check to fund your account. Funds may be withdrawn at any time by direct deposit to a bank account or a personal check from PayPal. Users may also opt to send the money on to others

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