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Are you having a problem with your e-mail?  Follow these steps to configure Microsoft Internet Mail .    If you want information on how to configure Outlook Express click Here.

Try checking your e-mail set up first by going through these steps (For Windows 95/98 Only)

Try using Mailman if you want to check your e-mail with your web broswer.

1.   Click on Start

2.   Click on Programs

3.   Click on Internet Mail

4. Click on the word Mail and then click on Options.

5. This window opens. Make sure you have a check mark in 'Send Immediately'.  If you don't have a check mark here, click on the box to put a check mark in place

6. Click on the tab labeled 'Server'.

7. Make sure your settings look like this page.  I am using the example username jsmith to show you which fields have a username and which have an e-mail address.  Make sure to put YOUR username in place of the example jsmith.  Also, when you type the password, make sure your CAPS LOCK light on your keyboard is off so that your password is typed in lower case.

8. Click on Advanced Settings

9. put your e-mail address in the 'reply to' field. The example is for username jsmith.

Note:  The option to not download messages over 50 kb will result in your NOT getting messages that are large.  You can change this field to either allow large messages to arrive or to ignore large messages. 1000kb is equal to 1 MB and should take less than 5 minutes to receive.

Click OK, then APPLY then OK to close all windows.

Your're ready to send a message.

Click on 'New Message'





Put your e-mail address in the TO field. In the example, I am using jsmith@rr1.net.

It is polite to put a short subject line

The body of the message is typed in the larger box.  When you are ready to send your message, click on the icon just above the word SEND.  If you point your mouse at the icon, the SEND box will show up on your screen too.


Wait a few moments and the click on the 'send and receive' button and see if you get your mail from yourself! 

If your e-mail still doesn't work or it say's checking for new messages and never brings them up, click HERE to fill out a form for help.    You may have had someone e-mail you a message that is too large for your computer to process.   If you have an error message that your outbox is damaged click here to find out how to fix it.

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