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Domain Hosting
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Cumberland Internet can host your Domain!

Now you may be asking, What the heck is a domain?   Have you noticed how some webpages are www.something.com (like www.rr1.net or www.yahoo.com)?  

If you upload your webpage to Cumberland Internet, your address will be: www.rr1.net/users/yourusername   and it won't be www.yourusername.com

You may wonder what does it take to have a www.yourcompanyname.com address?  In order to get this address you have to have a Domain Name.    There are 2 steps to the process:

1) The Domain Name you want has to be available.   Although it seems like the Internet is too large for one to manage, there is an orderly process to get a domain name.   You would first go to www.internic.net and type the domain name that you would like to see if it is available.  You will have to put in the whole domain in the whois box like yourcompanyname.com and hit enter. The longest Domain Name is 25 letters without the org or com on the end. Remember that since people will have to type it in, you don't want it to be too long!

Are you a com or a net or an org?  Here's the general overview of these extensions.  A .com is for a commercial enterprise of any sort. A .org is for organizations (generally but not exclusive to non-profits).  A .net is for networks (rr1.net is a network).   For most users, you are going to register a .com address.


2) Once you have a Domain Name that is available, you need to find someone to host your Domain Name. Cumberland Internet, Inc. can host your domain.   When you have a Domain Name, people will want to be able to put in that address day or night and get your webpage.  Your webpage must be hosted on a server (computer) that is connected to the Internet all the time.  There are a number of places that can host your Domain including Cumberland Internet.   The pricing to have Cumberland Internet host your domain is as follows:

Internic Registration Fee ($70 for 2 years)- This is paid directly to Internic to register your domain.  After 2 years, you will get a renewal notice that must be paid to keep the domain properly registered.

Domain Server Set Up Fee (One time $70 Fee)- This is paid to Cumberland Internet to set up your domain on our server. We will also register your domain with Internic.

Domain Hosting fee (Monthly fee of $45)- This fee is paid to Cumberland Internet to host the Domain.  In addition to hosting the domain for the $45/month, you will get a regular 220 hour/month dial in account and 2 e-mail accounts.

Ready to get a Domain Name?

If you are ready to get a Domain Name, complete the following form and Cumberland Internet will complete all paperwork necessary with Internic to register your domain. It will take between 7-14 days from the time that you complete this form to have your domain registered.  You can check if it is registered by typing your domain name in the whois box on the Internic link above. When your domain is registered, your information will come up.  To get ready, put your webpage up on Cumberland Internet as described on the FTP Upload page.  We will make the page that comes up with http://www.rr1.net/users/yourusername/index.html come up when your domain name is typed in on the browser. If you have questions, e-mail suggestions@rr1.net

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Be sure to hit Submit to send the form!

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