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Cool Math Stuff
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Yes, you read the page name right. This is a list of Cool Math Suff.  You may think that is an oxymoron but if you look at some of these pages and try some of the examples, I'll bet you find that math is more interesting than you thought.    If you have some of your own links you want me to list here, e-mail me at cmkaye@rr1.net

Math with Java - Prove the Pythagorean Theorem for yourself! It makes sense when you see it.

Helping your kids learn Math with fun activities! - For kids 5-13

Calculators - Over 5,810 Calculators to convert or calculate just about anything you need!

The Minining Co Guide to Kids Math Games - Play games recommended by kids!

Fun with Math - from surfing the net with kids

Math Worksheets- print out worksheets for K-8 + algebra, geometry

Calculus for Young People- Really! try it out- kids can do calculus

MathHead - Tutoring - discover the beauty of math

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