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Computer Setup
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If you want to check all your settings on your computer that are required to connect to the Internet follow these steps (for Windows 95 Only)

1. Double Click on MY COMPUTER

2. Double Click on DIAL UP NETWORKING

3. Click ONCE on CUMBERLAND INTERNET so it turns blue

4. Click on FILE select PROPERTIES

5. Confirm the telephone number you are calling.   You can choose an alternate telephone number for your location if needed.    Note: You may want to put a comma BEFORE the telephone number to improve your success rate in dialing into the Internet.

6. Look at the Modem you are using.  We have different Modem Specific Initialization strings if you have any ongoing trouble dialing or holding connection.

7. Click on SERVER TYPE

8. You should have a check mark in only 2 boxes ENABLE SOFTWARE COMPRESSION and TCP/IP.   To add a check mark where there isn't one, click on the box.   To take out a check mark where there is one, click on the box.

9. Click on TCP/IP SETTINGS button

10.  There should be a filled in dot in the following field: SERVER ASSIGNED IP ADDRESS.   Don't worry if you have check marks in the fields you should not, when you click on the proper fields, you will autmatically remove the dots in the fields that should not be filled in.

11.  Make sure there are check marks in both the boxes USE IP HEADER COMPRESSION and USE DEFAULT GATEWAY ON REMOTE NETWORK.

12.  Close all the open windows until you are back to MY COMPUTER as the only open window.

13.  Double click on CONTROL PANEL

14.  Double click on NETWORK

15.  In the area labeled 'the following network components are installed' make sure you have these items:    CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS, DIAL UP ADAPTER, NETBEUI (OPTIONAL), TCP/IP.  

16. If you are not on a local network (like connected to a computer within the SAME building as you are located) and you have anything else in addition to the above items, remove the extra items.  To remove an item, click ONCE on it so it turns blue and then click on REMOVE.

17.  If you are missing DIAL UP NETWORKING, Click on ADD, choose ADAPTER, click on ADD, choose MICROSOFT under manufacturers, select DIAL UP ADAPTER and click OK.

18.  If you are missing CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS, click on ADD, choose CLIENT, click on ADD, choose MICROSOFT under manufacturers, select CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS and click OK.

19.  If you are missing TCP/IP, click on ADD, choose PROTOCOL, click on ADD, choose MICROSOFT under manufacturers, select TCP/IP and click OK.

20.  If you have added CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS, you will have to click on the tab labeled IDENTIFICATION and put ANYTHING except DEFAULT in the COMPUTER NAME field.  

21.  Click OK to close NETWORK.  You may be prompted for your WINDOWS 95 CD. You may be prompted that you are copying older files than the ones on your computer (CLICK YES). 

22. You will be prompted to RESTART your computer, the changes you make will not take effect until you restart your computer.  

23.  Note: you may see a new screen at start up asking for your WINDOWS password, you can just hit cancel to go past this screen. You don't have to put anything in here. 

If you have any questions, e-mail suggestions@rr1.net

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