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Our email address is suggestions@rr1.net

The area's Innovative Internet Service Provider.
Offering FAST Wireless Internet since 6/99

We're the  provider with REAL technical support.   When you purchase your Internet Service technical support is included in the monthly price.  We've always included technical support in the price of your service with no extra charge!  We know that you are online in the evenings and this is when you need assistance.  We made our support hours work with your schedule (see table):   

Technical Support





9 a.m - 5 p.m.


Our store number

Monday- Saturday

5 p.m.- 9 p.m.


This is a pager. Please enter your phone number with your telephone keypad & we'll call you right back.

We're the provider who won't make you sign a contract to get service. When you sign up for service with Cumberland Internet, you don't have to sign your life away!   We won't make you sign a contract to buy service for 6 or 12 months at a time.  All you have committed to is to have the service until the end of the month.   You can cancel service at any time effective the end of the month that you notify us.  No hassle, no problem!  Why do we offer this service?    We think that if you don't like your service with us that you should be allowed to fire us.  We want to continue to earn your business by providing you the best service available.  

We're the provider who makes it easy to pay for service. We make it easy for you to pay for your Internet Service.  If you choose to pay monthly, we can either directly debit a checking or savings account each 10th of the month.  If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, the debit would occur on the next business day.  We can also charge your monthly fee to a credit card ( Mastercard, Visa or Discover) also on the 10th of the month.      Payment book options are available for an extra fee.  If you choose to prepay for services (either 6 month or 12 months), we'll give you a 2 or  4% discount respectively and we'll send you an invoice (net 30) at the end of your prepayment period. 

Your Local Internet Service Provider with a No Busy Signal Policy!

What is the 'No Busy Signal Policy'? When you want to get online, you don't want to get a busy signal.  Since we started in 1996, we have had a policy of adding needed phone lines ahead of the demands of customers so that you don't get busy signals.  It costs more to order phone lines ahead of demand.  We could wait until there are too many users for the existing phone lines and let you get busy signals. However, we don't think you should have to get busy signals ever.   We don't just say that we have a 'no busy signal policy', we let you see in real time how many modems are in use at any time.  For more informatino, visit our Network News page. You can click on either the 56k modems or the 33.6 modems to see how many are in use at any one time. You can also see back for the last week, month and year how many modems have been in use.   You can also look back in the history of Network News and see where we have suspended adding new users while we were having phone lines installed rather than have exisitng users get a busy signal.

Who We Are:  RR1.Net is our name on the Internet. We like this name because most of our mail addresses around here are RR1 or RR2. Short and Sweet. Our business name is Cumberland Internet, Inc. and we are based in Greenup, Illinois. Greenup is between Indianapolis, Indiana and St. Louis, Missouri on Interstate 70. We are also due south of Chicago about 200 miles. Greenup is in Cumberland County and now you know where we got the name of the business. We are a local Internet service provider who serves the following towns: Casey, Effingham, Greenup, Jewett, Neoga, Sigel, Toledo and Westfield. We decided to bring local access to the area in 1996 because we got tired of waiting for someone else to do it.

How to reach us: 24 Hour Info Line 217-923-3515 (recorded information). Business Hours 217-923-5115 (M-F 9-5). Evening Technical Support, call pager 800-412-2692 (Monday thru Saturday) 5 PM- Midnight

Our e-mail address is suggestions@rr1.net

Our Acceptable Use Policy

Where to Sign Up


Greenup- Cumberland Internet, Inc./Computer Partners, Inc. Right in the middle of Greenup on Cumberland St across from the Greenup Municipal Building.. Look for our sign!

 9 AM - 5 PM Monday- Friday

Neoga- Mercer's Pharmacy - At the SE corner of the 4 way stop on Rte 45. They are also directly across from the First Mid Bank

9 AM - 6 PM Mon- Fri

9 AM - 3 PM Saturday

Fast Wireless now available for $50/mo + Equipment.
Wireless Internet is a high speed, dedicated connection which doesn't require a modem or a phone line.

Services/Pricing for Dial Up Accounts :
We offer a local number to call from Neoga (217-895-XXXX), Greenup (217-923-XXXX), Jewett (217-849-XXXX), Toledo (217-849-XXXX), Casey(217-932-XXXX), Westfield(217-967-XXXX), Sigel (217-844-XXXX) and Effingham Exchanges.

  • Disk space for you to post your personal web page (up to 5Mb)
  • No busy-signal policy
  • Technical support 9 am- Midnight Mon-Fri, 5pm-Midnight Saturday & E-mail support.  Technical support is always no extra charge!
  • 24 hour a day system monitored

Service Package

Monthly  Charge

Hours Included in Service

Additional Hours

One Time Start Up Fee

Basic Dial Up


15 Hours/Mo



Dial Up


20 hours/Mo



Full Service
Dial Up


220 hours/Mo



Service Includes: Includes one E-mail address, World-Wide-Web browsing, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), News, 5 Mb disk space to make your own web page.

Get your Own Domain!
Domain Name Hosting Services:   We can register and host your domain (like www.yourcompany.com).  Go to the Domain Name Hosting page for more info.

Have your own Online Store. Read more about how to have an online store.  See some example stores online at this page.

Accessories:Extra E-Mailbox for family members, co-workers…$5.00 each

Equipment Required:

o  486 processor or faster OR Macintosh Computer OR WEBTV (*local call to connect to Cumberland Internet but you also need a WebTV account)

o  Modem speed 28,800 Baud or faster .

o  Operating System: Must be Windows 95, 98, 98ME, 2000, NT, or Macintosh 7.5.5 or higher.

o  CD Rom Drive

o  45 Mb of Hard Disk space.

o  16 Mb of RAM memory on computer.

o  Standard Analog Telephone Line (like the one that goes in your phone)

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Cumberland Internet Server Information

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Cumberland Internet, Inc
P.O. Box 190 Greenup, IL 62428
Phone: 217-923-5115  Fax 217-923-3726 
24 hour information line 217-923-3515
copyright © 1996 Cumberland Internet, Inc.

RR1.Net Acceptable Use Policy
Web Pages:

For Technical Support Call:
217-923-5115 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5 p.m.)
1-800-412-2692 (Pager Mon-Sat 5 p.m.- 9 p.m.)