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5/19/00 Alert
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5/19/00:   SECURITY ALERT!

Unfortunately the ILOVEYOU Virus from a couple of weeks ago was just a test run for the really bad virus that is coming out today.    The ILOVEYOU Virus was a pain and an inconvenience but this new virus is potentially damaging to your computer and your data. Here's a story about it from Reuters.

What does it do?   Alan Stevens, head of digital services at Britain's Consumers Association, said the VBS extension was key to recognizing and eliminating the virus.

``You would not normally expect someone to send you an e-mail with a VBS or VPS extension. (file name has vbs or vps after the dot in the filename), They are unusual, so they should be a dead giveaway to someone who knows what they are doing.''

The virus, which targets users of Microsoft's Outlook program, arrives with ``FW:'' in the subject line. This is not that unusual in itself, simply signifying the message has been forwarded from elsewhere. The virulent VBS and VPS extension is contained in the body of the e-mail.

Once opened, the virus will send itself to everyone in the recipient's Outlook address book, just as Love Bug did, but the attached file name may change each time a new e-mail is sent. The Love Bug virus mainly carried the message: ``I love you.''

What to do- I use OUTLOOK EXPRESS to check my E-mail? Use Mailman to check your e-mail today and for the next few days to be 100% safe.   Mailman checks your mail with your web browser and you cannot get a file attachment on your computer.  However, you can SEE if someone is sending you a file attachment and delete it if you choose.  DELETE ANY MESSAGE WHO HAS SENT YOU A FILE WITH A VPS OR A VBS ATTACHMENT AND ASSUME IT IS A VIRUS.

What else can I do? Consider using a different e-mail program than Microsoft Outlook.  The CD that you got when you started service with Cumberland Internet gives you access to at least three other e-mail programs including:   Eudora, Pegasus Mail and the e-mail client that comes with Netscape.   If you want to install a different e-mail program follow the steps in the book to install software and be sure to continue through the Internet Configuration step.   You will also need to set up your existing Outlook Program to not get your mail.   You can do this by opening your Outlook program, click TOOLS then ACCOUNTS then click on the tab labeled MAIL.    There should be an account labed DEFAULT.   You can click on REMOVE to take this out of your system.    Your old e-mail will still be in there but you won't be able to get or send new e-mail with this program. Be sure to do this after you run our CD because it will set up your e-mail program to work every time you run our CD.

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